Terms & Conditions for Bondi Cat Sitting


Booking Conditions and Payment Terms

All bookings, cancellations, date changes and refund queries are to be made by calling the main Bondi Cat Sitting line on 0450 003 943.

Bookings and booking changes will not be accepted by Bondi Cat Sitting staff directly.


Before your first booking starts, a Bondi Cat Sitting pet sitter will visit your home to introduce him/herself, meet your pets, obtain all relevant job details and collect any keys required. This "Initial Visit" is free. If any subsequent visits are required (to collect/drop off keys etc), then a $10 fee will be charged.

As part of the booking process, you will receive email confirmation of your booking details.


Bondi Cat Sitting recommends at least one pet sitting visit each day that you are away. If less frequent visits are required then you acknowledge that this may not be sufficient time for our carers to spend attending to your pet.

Surcharges may apply if Bondi Cat Sitting is required to purchase pet supplies on your behalf.


Bondi Cat Sitting reserves the right to turn down any booking (with full refund) when we feel our service is unsuitable. Possible reasons are to protect the safety of our carers if an animal appears to be aggressive, or if we are concerned for the animal's welfare due to its living conditions.

Payment Options

Travel Surcharges

May apply to bookings accepted outside a carer’s area, when agreed to by the client.






0450 003 943