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Matt and Merin



Matt and Merin are both dedicated to making sure pets are comforted and cared for in the absence of their real families and are very aware of the comfort of knowing your furry loved ones are in safe and loving hands.


They have been lucky to have cared for many furry and feathered family members over the years and know first hand the depth of joy and love they bring into our lives.


Both Matt and Merin have previously served in the Australian Defence Force and know what it means to be separated from their pets. Both Matt and Merin enjoy Martial Arts training and have been passing on those valuable principles to children of all ages for many years.  More recently, Matt has enjoyed working in the area of pet care and nutrition, and Merin is a Provisional Psychologist.

We are dedicated to ensuring pets are well loved and cared for when their families are away because we know how important that peace of mind is to your pet and to you!



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